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Klein Accuses Palin, Beck of ‘Seditious’ Comments

Time’s Joe Klein, appearing on the The Chris Matthews Show on Sunday accused Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, of flirting with “seditious” behavior.

“I did a little bit of research just before this show – it’s on this little napkin here. I looked up the definition of sedition which is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state. And a lot of these statements, especially the ones coming from people like Glenn Beck and to a certain extent Sarah Palin, rub right up close to being seditious.”

Co-panelist John Heilemann heartily agreed, and cited Rush Limbaugh’s references to the “Obama regime” as further evidence.

Of course, a Google search for “Bush regime” yields over 1.4 million hits; and liberal talking heads often used the phrase to describe the previous administration. In fact, Matthews was himself embarrassed last week when, after making Heilemann’s same point, his own on-air references to the “Bush regime” surfaced.

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