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Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online, “The Corner,” March 19, 2004: “I do wish Sullivan would save time and come out for Kerry now. In just a matter of time he will come up with the rationalizations …”

Andrew Sullivan, “Why I Am Supporting John Kerry,” The New Republic (subscription required), October 26, 2004:

Kerry has actually been much more impressive in the latter stages of this campaign than I expected. He has exuded a calm and a steadiness that reassures. … I cannot say I have perfect confidence in him, or that I support him without reservations. But not to support anyone in this dangerous time is a cop-out. So give him a chance.

Had Bush only backed gay marriage, one suspects, Andrew might well have sung a different tune:

[Bush] ran for election as a social moderate. But every single question in domestic social policy has been resolved to favor the hard-core religious right. His proposal to amend the constitution to deny an entire minority equal rights under the law is one of the most extreme, unnecessary, and divisive measures ever proposed in this country.

Curious. Bush acts to defend the nation’s marriage laws from a few judges run amuck and Bush is the problem? Bush still believes in all that “government by the people” stuff we learned in school, while Andrew Sullivan is a “by any means necessary” revolutionary on homosexual matters and Bush is the extremist?

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