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Knowing More About History Books

A blizzard of suggestions so far, including The Drama of American History, by Christopher Collier and James LIncoln Collier, Original Intent by David Barton, the last two volumes of Churchill’s History of the English Speaking People, and Paul Johnson’s book, already referred to. Of these I have only read Churchill, which rum stuff. I haven’t read Johnson on America. My only qualm is that when I read Modern Times I picked up a couple of errors,. not even looking for them, and one had to do with American history. (He said William Jennings Bryan was a politician from Illinois, , not Nebraska, which is both trivial and annoying, since Bryan was the Boy Orator of the Platte, the spokesman for “the Wheat” (Vachel Lindsay), etc. etc. Rather like saying that Lincoln had been a nail splitter).

One reader asked about Morison’s Amazon availability. I don’t know. Out of print books do show up on Amazon.


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