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Knowing What You’re Talking About

Last week, I had a comment on President Obama’s big national-security speech, and a reader had a comment on that (my comment, that is). Not just any reader, either, but someone intimately engaged with our lovely enemy in Iraq. First, what I said: 

I think Obama found himself in a real jam about Guantanamo. He and the rest of the Left had made a bogey of it. They talk about how Gitmo became a symbol for our enemies, or potential enemies, abroad. I think it became more of a symbol for them — for our Left.

 Now, what our Iraq man said:

The idea that the denial of constitutional due process for detainees at Gitmo is motivating our terrorist enemies is absolutely laughable. In the course of my work I’ve come to know a good number of Iraqi insurgents rather intimately, and Guantanamo has never come up (or waterboarding, for that matter). The only time I’ve ever heard it mentioned was by Iraqi soldiers joking around with petty-criminal detainees: “Oh, no, the Americans are here for you, they’re going to send you to Guantanamo!” And this triggered hearty laughter all around.


I’ve been stewing all day, wishing I could shout from the rooftops that I know our enemies, and they don’t give a damn about Guantanamo. Just had to share with someone.

Glad he did. And President Obama does that to a lot of us — makes us stew all day.


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