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Kobe: Obama Could Play for the Lakers

If President Obama’s looking for a post-presidential occupation, he could find it on the floor of the Staples Center, Kobe Bryant says. On Wednesday, sports radio host Dan Patrick asked the Los Angeles Lakers star if the president could play for the team, currently among the worst teams in the league and having one of their worst seasons in nearly a decade.

“Yes, he could, actually,” Bryant responded. “That’s not a diss at the current roster that we have, but more of a sign of respect of the skill that the president possesses.”

He went on to compare the president to “a left-handed version” of former NBA all-star Michael Adams or Nate “Tiny” Archibald, who led the league in scoring and assists with the Kansas City-Omaha Kings in 1973.

Later, Patrick commended Bryant for helping to promote the president’s health-care law, which the Laker guard called “a great cause, particularly for athletes.”

“When you do have knick-knacks, when you do have injuries, you want to make sure you’re covered,” Bryant said. He worried, though, that there are “so many young men who have not signed up yet.”

Bryant said he got involved after White House chief of staff Denis McDonough called him. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and former NBA players Magic Johnson and Alonzo Mourning have gotten involved in promoting the law too.

“Is there a website?” Patrick wondered, either having missed the months-long controversy of the dysfunctional federal website, or just slipping into his standard promotional interview shtick. Bryant pointed him and his listeners to

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