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Kodak Moment From Nyc

Reader Heather Wilhelm writers:

just got to my office after visiting 50th and 5th. My thoughts:

This protest was straight out of Monty Python….Half of the people at the protest a) hadn’t shaved in weeks b) didn’t seem to know where they were. Despite the helicopters and what seemed about half of the NYPD force, I don’t think there could have been more than 200 people there.

My personal highlight: As I was giving a shout-out of support of the NYPD, an older, grizzled man grabbed my arm in a panic. “Your bag, man,” he said, pointing at my bright blue shoulder satchel. “It’s CURSED.” He looked geniunely terrified and backed away. “I know these things, man, I can see it in that blue, man…” And then he went back to shouting “No war!” at the cops.

If this is the fifth column, we’re in good shape.


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