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Krauthammer on the Benghazi Cover Up

Krauthammer on Special Report:

It was the policy of the administration. Of course it affects the president. A week earlier they had been proclaiming the death of Bin Laden, of course. And by implication, and often by statement, at Charlotte over and over again, how they had decimated and removed the threat from al-Qaeda. And this is a direct takedown of that claim. So it answers the question, all the stuff that is coming out now, about the lack of security for the embassy, the ignoring the threats, the growth of AQIM, al-Qaeda in Northern Africa that we heard. The fact there were twelve attacks on the embassy in the previous months, including one on April 6th in which two former security guards worked on our side of the fence tossed homemade IEDS into the compound. So, all of that is ignored. The growth of AQIM is ignored. The warning from the embassy and pleading for security is ignored. You’re going to tell me, juan, this isn’t affecting the administration and its claims about al-Qaeda? That is why. The mystery here is why would you go out and have our ambassador to the U.N. on five channels create a fairytale about all of this being an outgrowth of demonstration over a video? The answer is you want to cover up — the answer is you want to cover up the security lapses, intelligence lapses, ignoring of the threat. And the fact that one way to put it, if you want to use the phrase of Joe Biden, “Bin Laden dead, al-Qaeda alive.”


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