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Krauthammer: Biden Will Run So Democrats Have ‘Insurance Policy’ if Hillary’s Indicted

Charles Krauthammer predicted tonight that Joe Biden will enter the presidential race, but only to be able to easily pick up the nomination should Hillary Clinton be indicted. 

“One of the reasons I think he’ll get in, and I think at this point he probably will … I think the reason he wants to be in there is if lightning strikes,” Krauthammer said on Monday’s Special Report on Fox News. “In other words, if she is struck by something else, an act of God, meaning an act of the FBI, some indictment, something just truly destructive from which she can’t recover, uncovered by something out of the campaign, he wants to be there standing as the insurance policy.”

“Imagine if this happened, she got knocked out for some reason; is the party really going to nominate a Vermont socialist in his mid-70s?” Krauthammer asked. “That’s inconceivable.”

“If he’s just there, standing there, if and when, this would be a very long shot, but he would be in the position to be the one to whom everybody would turn,” Krauthammer said.  

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