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Krauthammer’s Take: CBS Covers for the Clintons – ‘Makes You Want to Walk Away in Disgust’

After CBS edited their interview with President Bill Clinton to remove him calling his wife’s medical episodes from dehydration “frequent,” Charles Krauthammer dismissed the television network’s explanation that they edited it for time reasons:

This is a real day for: “If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.” It makes you really want to walk away in disgust from politics and the media. That is an outright — well, I won’t call it a lie — that is not a believable statement.

As you say, it’s a second or two. It isn’t a question of time; they were covering for them! And the reason it’s important — it’s a slip, yes — but it’s in the context of a couple who hide stuff. They have been hiding stuff for 30 years, and what everyone is asking: are they hiding something more serious? The “frequently” and the “rarely” is a huge difference, and he said both. So which is true? You have to see them if you are going to make a choice.

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