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Krauthammer’s Take: Hillary Clinton’s Past Health Problems ‘Never Really Explained’

Talking about whether recent news makes Hillary Clinton’s health a legitimate topic, Charles Krauthammer brought up issues that have led up to the current coverage:

I think the original sin here is when she had her concussion and she had this episode — whatever it was, a blood clot — they never really explained it. They sort of — nobody went in to it at the time she was not running for president. Now that it turns up, I think that the real problem with her, she invoked it as a way to explain a loss of memory — well, if it was that severe that you are going to invoke it in an interrogation and say you weren’t able to work. I think it was her husband herself who said for six months she was not quite herself.

By all evidence she looks normal. You watch her, you see what she does. She has held up in all kinds of debates. She has a grueling schedule. I don’t know that coughing is a deadly symptom unless you have tuberculosis and you are coughing up red stuff. There is all this wild speculation, but I understand why. They are secretive, they cover stuff up, and they never adequately explained what happened when she had the concussion.

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