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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘Revenge Is Not a Good Strategy’ for Opposing Trump Nominations

Responding to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s comments that Republicans may face a hardened Democratic minority after opposing Merrick Garland’s nomination, Charles Krauthammer said that revenge would only hurt the Democrats in coming years:

Revenge is not a good strategy for the Democrats. The one thing they don’t want to be tagged with immediately is obstructionism. That worked against Republicans in the Senate for eight years as a political hatchet. If the Democrats want to invite that, this is going to look like naked partisanship and obstruction for its own sake. Remember when Obama came into office, the Congress approved eight of his cabinet members on Day One. If these guys are going to stand around and do procedural stuff that you just show on television, it is going to look ridiculous. It’s going to be obvious obstructionism and no reason. I can understand a drawn-out hearing on somebody you think is extreme or unqualified, but if they want to do it as a way to get revenge for Garland, be my guest. They will suffer from that for eight years.

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