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Krauthammer’s Take: Goldman Sachs Gets Major Appointments After Being Trump’s ‘Whipping Boy’

Charles Krauthammer argued that Donald Trump’s Goldman Sachs appointments show that he cares more about success than about consistency with his campaign rhetoric, where he frequently criticized the financial institution:

Well, there isn’t a lot of consistency between the campaign rhetoric and the appointments. Goldman Sachs was a whipping boy for Bernie Sanders, for Donald Trump, and for lots of folks as a symbol of Wall Street corruption, greed, and overbearing influence. And they get two major appointments in the new administration. But I don’t think that Trump cares about that. I’m not sure he needs to. People are going to judge him by how he does, not by how consistent what he does now is with the rhetoric in the campaign. He has jettisoned a lot of stuff from the campaign. Some of it, I think, it’s a good thing he jettisoned. This is all going to depend who he feels the most comfortable with and who are the best of people.

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