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Krauthammer’s Take: Press Itching to Attack Trump and ‘Can’t Take a Month or Two Off’

Responding to Donald Trump’s statement in support of Jeff Sessions, Charles Krauthammer said that it’s hard to tell what the president-elect is thinking, and that the media is foolish to criticize him this early:

Trying to read the tea leaves here is really quite fruitless. I think the criticism that the incoming administration has gotten is, as David Axelrod said, slightly unbalanced. At the same point they [the Obama administration] had not made appointments. He said, “I don’t remember being criticized.” It’s as if parts of the press who got used to attacking Donald Trump in the campaign and are just itching to start those attacks when he takes office — and I’m sure there will be reason to criticize him — can’t take an interregnum of a month or two off. They’re such in the mode, they just have to do it. It’s almost reflexive. The guy’s putting together a team, let’s see who he ends up with.

I think bringing in Romney, whether he gives him a job or not is quite a signal. That was one of the bitterest attacks on a candidate of one’s own party ever, delivered by Romney. And for Trump to bring him in I think helps to blunt sort of the prejudice have that he will only stick with loyalists, a small group, outsiders, and the country will be adrift at the beginning because they are going to have to learn everything from the beginning when they come into office. So, I thought that was the most important signal of the day. Of course, bringing in Henry Kissinger, he is Mr. Foreign policy. You really can’t be sworn into office unless you’ve met Henry Kissinger. I think it’s in the Constitution.

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