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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘The Universe of Trump Supporters Is Simply Not Large Enough To Carry a Plurality’

Charles Krauthammer affirmed the superior enthusiasm of Donald Trump supporters over Hillary Clinton supporters, but also noted that Trump’s core support is not populous enough to win the election at this point:

I think enthusiasm for Trump surely exceeds that on the part of Democrats for Hillary Clinton. It’s not enough because the universe of Republicans — at least it’s not enough now — the universe of Trump supporters is simply not large enough to carry a plurality. I do think it’s interesting and important that the race has tightened.

To some extent we are back where we started the beginning of the year. But if you look at the seminal event of the last month, which was the release of the [Access Hollywood] tapes, the accusations, when the bottom dropped out for just a few days of the Trump campaign. I think the real story is the narrowing as a result of that. That was an occasion where Trump could have just disappeared. He didn’t. He has held his own and two things have happened. One is that for Hillary there have been these WikiLeaks releases, which have cumulatively, not individually, but cumulatively reinforced the impression of a thoroughly corrupt campaign, and a cynicism of depths that we haven’t seen. And I think that’s been important, and you add Obamacare, which is an extremely important issue that swayed two midterm elections and crushed the Democrats. It’s now back as a result of those released numbers.

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