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Krauthammer, Fournier Spar over CBO’s Obamacare Findings

Charles Krauthammer pushed back against National Journal’s Ron Fournier’s belief that the recent Congressional Budget Office’s report on Obamacarewas being manipulated to score partisan points, and that the report’s findings were, in fact, a positive.

Fournier argued that the law helps people get out of jobs they were otherwise locked in to because it provided health-care. He posited to Krauthammer that he took such issue with Obamacare, why not get rid of similar programs such as Medicare and Social Security?

“There’s no argument over those who are either elderly, disabled, elderly, or children who can’t work — what we’re talking about is people who can work and don’t,”​ Krauthammer countered.

He pointed out that, as CBO director Douglas Elmendorf said before Congress earlier in the day, that the Obamacare subsidies disincentivize​ people from working because they are reduced as income rises. “If you have a part-time job and you’re getting a big subsidy, and you’re offered a better job, you do the calculation,” Krauthammer said

“It’s a huge incentive not to take that job — it’s irrefutable,” he concluded.

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