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Krauthammer’s Take: It Would Be “Suicidal” to Proceed with the Health-Care Vote

Republicans should abandon the process of health-care reform and move on to tax reform, said Charles Krauthammer. “It’s going to be suicidal to go ahead with the vote next week.”

Krauthammer explained why Republicans should move ahead with tax reform:

I think they have a good chance of working something out on tax reform. That’s their strength; that’s what I would have recommended they start with. I think the best thing to do now, ironically, is to walk away. I think it’s going to be suicidal to go ahead with the vote next week; it’s going to be a repudiation. It’s going to be a vote to proceed, meaning that the Republicans who vote against it — and there will be enough, I think, to shoot it down — are saying, “we’re done with this.” Well, you don’t have to have it officially on the record. Just walk away and go immediately to something perhaps even radical on tax reform.

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