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Krauthammer’s Take: McCain Is the ‘Spirit of Reaganism’

John McCain represents the ideas of Reagan, Charles Krauthammer argued tonight, and there is no obvious successor to him within the Republican party.

Krauthammer explained why McCain is so special:

I think he’s sort of the spirit of Reaganism. Not only was he even more heroic than Reagan himself in his own life, but he carried the ideas of Reagan — this expansive, optimistic, aggressive American confidence in itself, and that I think is waning among Republicans, among the whole country. And I think there’s a kind of a symbolism in him being struck down in this sense by this illness. I think it reflects that waning. And we are going to miss him because he is the one — I don’t want to give an obituary — but I’m just saying over time, if you think who would succeed McCain, I don’t think he has a successor.


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