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Krauthammer: Paris Attack May Be Start of ‘Third Stage of Jihadist War’ on West

“What is so important about this is the origin of the four killers, the brothers and the couple,” says Charles Krauthammer: “They were born in France. I think we’re now in sort of the third stage of the jihadist war against us.”

He laid out the sequence: “The first [stage], of course, is 9/11 — all of the attackers were from the middle east. And then, for the last year or two, we have seen the ‘lone wolf’ attacks — usually homegrown, but fairly unstable and one-on-one, and it looks as if fairly disorganized or acting out of inspiration, but not on instruction or with training. Here we have perhaps the beginning of the third wave, the third stage, and this is the trained local cells, who have learned their trade in the Middle East, are connected in some way — as we heard: the 50 calls among the two groups here, and the obvious connection with al-Qaeda in Yemen.”

Concluded Krauthammer: “It’s as if there’s a critical mass of these dissident jihadists in the West, who are now in a position — rather than act like the single guy in Australia, or the single guys acting separately in Canada — [to act] as a group, as a cell, and as an organized wave, and that could be what we’re facing right now.”

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