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Krauthammer’s Take: Trump Is Republicans’ Chance to Prove ‘They Can Actually Accomplish Things’

In light of Paul Ryan talking about repealing and replacing Obamacare, Charles Krauthammer said that he thinks this is an opportunity for Republicans to show that they can pass reforms and shake their image as obstructionists:

I think they’ve got several plans they have been working on for a year or two, knowing that at some point they might actually have a shot, even if it was with Obama in office and would get a veto, they would want to present a real plan. I think they will decide on one, go ahead with it, and what it will do — it won’t only repeal and replace, but it’s going to give lie to the accusation that we have heard and has become conventional wisdom that the Republicans were obstructionists throughout the Obama years. The fact is the House would pass legislation; one example is a radical and risky reform of Medicare that Paul Ryan was able to get through the Republican house. And these things would either die in the Senate (Harry Reid) or would meet the veto pen of Obama. This is a chance to show that with control of the White House they can actually accomplish things and that will be a breakthrough.

Then Bret Baier asked, “Down the line, what’s the first thing the Trump administration does? Legislatively?” Krauthammer answered, “He cancels executive orders, starting with the immigration one.”

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