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Krauthammer’s Take: Skills-Based Immigration Is a ‘No-Brainer’

Charles Krauthammer argued tonight that America should move to a skills-based immigration system, like that of Canada and Australia:

I love the hypocrisy of the liberals who are so shocked by this, people who swoon over Canada’s progressivism, with its national healthcare and its matinee star liberal Prime Minister, who want him to be the leader here. All of a sudden when the U.S. proposes essentially the Canadian system, the merit-based system, are shocked at how mean and racist it is. This is a no-brainer. Here’s the analogy: The United States is the place everybody wants to go, every immigrant. You find somebody on a raft on the South China Sea—where do they want to go? United States. We have the top 500 draft picks for the N.B.A. and instead we choose to pick people randomly out of the Karachi phonebook. This does not make sense. We should be doing what Canada and Australia are doing and cashing in on the fact that the world wants to come here. This is so obvious, it’s almost amazing that we haven’t done this and that I think is the core of the issue.

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