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Krauthammer today

Excellent, as always. One caveat, however, which Krauthammer refers to at the end. Everything he says is true, but if Republicans panic on Iraq after the election it won’t matter. And panicking is something losing politicians are very good at. So the first order of business after a loss on Tuesday if it happens should be–take a deep breath. Then, the Bush White House must undertake a renewed effort to make demonstrable head-way in Iraq, including sending more troops to Baghdad, although the circumstances won’t be as favorable politically here at home or on the ground in Iraq as they would have been several months ago. Finally, Republicans have to guard against under-interpreting the election when it comes to the way they have conducted themselves in Congress. If they lose, this will to some extent be a reform election. The public will be sending them a message–clean yourselves up. The shrewder new generation of congressional Republicans realize this, and are very eager to undertake reforms to re-commit themselves to self-discipline, both fiscally and in terms of their ethics.