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Krauthammer: Trump Skipping Debate ‘Way for Him to Avoid’ Cruz Confrontation

Skipping tonight’s debate is a “win/win” for Donald Trump since he still gets attention and won’t have to debate Ted Cruz, Charles Krauthammer said tonight. 

Trump “realized this is could be a way for him to avoid, what I think he might really be afraid of, would be incoming from Ted Cruz,” Krauthammer said on Thursday’s Special Report. ”Cruz is the one who has the most at stake. I’m sure if Trump had been there, or the initial planning was for Cruz to go in with everything he had and to drop all the ordinates.”

“For [Cruz], Iowa is the stage,” Krauthammer continued. ”If he doesn’t succeed in winning Iowa or coming very close, it’s hard to see how he proceeds to a victory. If he does win, it affects him in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and elsewhere.”

Krauthammer predicted Trump would lose a head-on collision with Cruz.

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