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Krauthammer’s Take: Trump’s Immigration Softening ‘Is Not Evolution – This Is a Complete Turnabout’

Discussing Donald Trump’s latest indications that he is softening on immigration, Bret Baier played a video of Ted Cruz questioning Trump’s integrity on the issue in a debate, and asked Charles Krauthammer about how Trump could be “evolving” on this core issue. Krauthammer responded:

Well, you know, if this is evolution, this is like a platypus going to sleep and waking up as a pussycat. That has really never happened in the history of any of our species. This is not evolution — this is a complete turnabout. And the worst thing is not just that it’s a change of policy. It’s that — look at what happens to the underlying logic. The logic of the policy was — this was the tent-pole of his campaign — the politicians are idiots. The politicians are stupid. The politicians are sold-out. They don’t care about you. And what did he say? “We don’t have borders. We don’t have a country. They are all flocking in. They’re killers, they’re rapists, and the country is a divided crime scene,” as he said in his speech at the convention, as a result of this. And now he tells us, “Oh, the laws are wonderful as administered by Bush and Obama. I don’t want to change any of it. I’ll be a little more energetic.” That undermines everything he’s ever said. And you have to question, did he ever mean it? I believe the answer is probably no.

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