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Krauthammer’s Take: Trump Seems Incapable of Turning the Corner

Charles Krauthammer did not take a recent Trump comment as a genuine call for Hillary Clinton’s assassination, but he went on to say that the Republican strategists’ hope that Trump would turn the corner and learn to watch his words is a fantasy:

Well, when I first heard it, I thought obviously he’s talking about NRA folks lobbying against these kinds of judges because the alternative is too nuts, even for Trump, even for his offhanded remarks, even in his wise guy mode. I still think that’s true. I can’t quite believe that he would have implied otherwise. But how many times have we heard on this set or heard from every politician, every analyst, every Democrat, every Republican, of course, advising Trump and saying, “You have to be responsible, watch your words.” They say, “He turned the corner. He read a speech yesterday that was coherent.” That’s not turning the corner. There’s a matter of character. I don’t think a man that age, a year and a few months into a campaign, is going to become responsible. You don’t say stuff like that. It can be seen otherwise. It’s not the press. It’s not the Democrats. This is a self-inflicted wound.

Responding to the idea that Republicans thought Trump would be disciplined after his economic speech, Krauthammer added:

They’ve said that a million times. We’ve had so many pivots it could be a ballet.

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