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Krauthammer’s Take: The Administration Is ‘Clearly Attempting to Conceal Information’

On Wednesday evening’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer discussed the effects of an influx of immigrant children on even Eastern states, such as Maryland and Massachusetts. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s flip-flopping on the status of immigrants in his state had the panel calling out his “not in my backyard” mentality, and Krauthammer noted that complaints from the mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts about an overwhelmed school system and health department that weren’t prepared for the influx was just one example of unfair stress on even non-border towns.

Krauthammer continued on to explain that the administration is intentionally hiding the border problem from those who most need to be made aware, and that it is hardly an issue of privacy. “The administration line ‘Is this a question of privacy?’ is absurd, is a crock,” he asserts. “Privacy? If you tell a governor that a certain number of illegal alien children are coming to a certain facility, there is no issue of privacy involved. He’s not naming names. He’s not putting a photograph on the internet. This is clearly an attempt of the administration to try to handle a problem by concealing it from the people who most have to know–meaning the governors, the mayors, and the American people.”

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