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Krauthammer’s Take: Brokered Convention Won’t Happen Because Trump Won’t Win

Republicans will congregate around an anti-Trump candidate toward the end of the primary season, thus removing any possibility of a brokered convention, Charles Krauthammer argued tonight. 

Appearing on Thursday’s Special Report, Krauthammer said despite the “great television” a brokered convention would bring, it’s not going to happen. 

Look, 30 percent is still not a majority. The reason he is way out in front is because there are 14 other guys and gals out there who divide the vote. If you take away even the ones in the 2 percent and 5 percent and the sixes, assuming they are so-called establishment, and you add them on to Rubio, even to a Cruz, although he is not exactly a establishment, Trump doesn’t win. And I don’t think this actually happens at the convention, which would be nice, be great television, drama, breaking news every second. It gets the decided, I think, in the run-up. The end of the season we all know who has got how many numbers. And that’s when the brokering would happen and that’s when, if there is an establishment, and who knows if it will still exist, it would insist on one anti-Trump candidate and that’s how they would enter the convention, and it would be a done deal.

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