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Krauthammer’s Take: Can Anyone Rely on U.S. Under Obama?

Since the U.S. cannot work with Iran, Iraq must choose between Iran and the U.S. for its ally, Charles Krauthammer said on a Fox News Special Report.

Iran’s objective is to support the Shi’ite government as a dictatorship, backing Iraqi prime minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki even though he lost the election 92-238 in parliament. The U.S. objective, however, is to form a coalition including the Kurds and the Shi’ite, along with Shi’ite moderates, Krauthammer explained.

After providing support, Iran would then subdue and rule the Iraqis, possibly using Maliki as a puppet, he said. But the Kurds are willing to help the Iraqi central government, in which case the U.S. has promised to join them.

Yet President Obama’s lackluster foreign policy methods have greatly affected the situation, Krauthammer noted, asking, “Does anyone think they can rely on the United States under Obama?”

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