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Krauthammer’s Take: Christie’s Remarks on Paul ‘Electrifying,’ ‘Extremely Important Moment’

Charles Krauthammer described New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s attack on Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s foreign-policy views “fearless,” “electrifying,” and “an extremely important moment.” Christie’s remarks touched off a kerfuffle between the two Republican politicians, both of whom are seen as contenders for their party’s presidential nomination in 2016. In Krauthammer’s words,

It was an extremely important moment. Rand Paul represents the sort of isolationist wing of the Republican party; by this direct, fearless attack on him by Christie, I think he takes up the mantle of the majority of the GOP, which is interventionist. And that’s a really important moment.

When Special Report host Bret Baier pointed out the growing influence of “a libertarian strain” within the party, the syndicated columnist replied, “that’s what makes what Christie did in taking it on so important and electrifying.”

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