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Krauthammer’s Take: Declaring ISIS’s Slaughter of Christians ‘Genocide’ ‘Will Have Zero Effect’

While “it’s a good thing” the State Department is categorizing ISIS’s mass slaughter of Christians “genocide,” it “will have zero effect on the ground,” Charles Krauthammer cautioned tonight. “We shouldn’t delude ourselves.”

“This is only the second time we have had such designation for ongoing war, the first was in Darfur 12 years ago,” ​Krauthammer said on Thursday’s Special Report. “It had zero effect. There have been indictments issued for the president of The Sudan – still in power. Even a travel ban has been violated.”

The only benefit, Krauthammer said, is “it might create a special category for Christians and Yazidis to be allowed status – more automatic immigration status — and that would be a good thing.”

“The only thing that’s going make any difference is conducting war against ISIS,” he said.

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