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Krauthammer’s Take: Democrats Will Regret Obama’s Lawlessness

On Wednesday’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer said that Democrats will come to rue their response to President Obama’s executive overreach.

“The president’s job is not, as the president says, to help people — that’s his interpretation of what he does — it’s to faithfully execute the laws that Congress has passed,” Krauthammer said. “That is as clear as day. That’s the definition of his job. And there’s a very strong argument that he has overreached that by actually creating law, ignoring law, not enforcing law, changing laws on his own which you’re simply not supposed do. And there are many examples of it.”

He went on to give a qualified endorsement of Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit against President Barack Obama, authorization for which just passed the House earlier Wednesday evening. Krauthammer said the lawsuit was a novel way to rein in a president without resorting to impeachment, impeachment. He did note, though, that if successful the lawsuit would have the effect of enforcing a law that Republicans want to repeal.  

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