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Krauthammer’s Take: By Ditching Debate, Kasich Must Be Vying To Be Trump’s ‘No. 2’

After all of his “whining” about getting enough time during the previous debates, John Kasich’s decision to skip Tuesday’s scheduled Fox News debate is confounding, Charles Krauthammer said tonight.

“He is being offered two hours without the interruptions of Trump, just him and Cruz,” Krauthammer said on Wednesday’s Special Report. “He could present his case and he turns it down. I don’t know what game he is playing.”

“I think it might actually help to stop-Trump people if he stays in, because he can take away some delegates in the northeast,” he continued. ”But, nonetheless, I have to think in the back of his mind – even though he denied it – I think he has the idea of being number two on a Trump ticket.”

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