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Krauthammer’s Take: DOJ ‘Ruse’ to Pursue Rosen Is ‘Damning’

There is no excuse for Eric Holder, said Charles Krauthammer on Special Report: “Either he lied to Congress or he lied to a judge.”

“Their defense is, ‘It was a ruse. We didn’t really want to prosecute him,’” Krauthammer explained, “which is probably true, because it’s never been successfully done.”

“They did it as a ruse in order to put Rosen in a separate category,” he said, ”because if you are a co-conspirator . . . then it allows you to do all kinds of things to his e-mail, to his communication — personal and professional — that you can’t if he’s a journalist.”

The Justice Department’s argument — that it knew Rosen was not a criminal, but pretended like he was for its convenience — is, says Krauthammer, “damning.”

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