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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘The EPA Is Explicitly Destroying the Coal Industry’

Though fracking is on the rise and may one day outstrip coal production, the EPA is impatient and wants to force coal out of the market with overly stringent regulations, Charles Krauthammer said on Special Report tonight.

“These are liberals in a hurry,” Krauthammer said. “Natural gas is outstripping coal and might over time diminish its production, but these guys don’t want to wait. They want to kill coal.”

The EPA has mandated strict pollution standards for new coal-fire power plants, but the operator of a Mississippi plant that attempted to use new carbon-capture technology to adhere to the standards says that the technology is not ready for commercial use.

“By adopting a standard that the owner of the plant . . . himself says is not commercially available now, by making it the standard,” Kraithamer said, “the EPA is explicitly destroying the coal industry, knowing it’s going to do it, and doing it on purpose.”

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