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Krauthammer’s Take: FCC Newsroom Study Latest ‘Trample on What Rights are Remaining’

​A proposed FCC study that would send government researchers and monitors into newsrooms to learn why organizations select to cover the stories that they do does not sit well with Charles Krauthammer. He said the government’s stated “critical information need” for such a examination reminds him of something that would take place in Moscow and Kiev.

“As if the IRS, and the EPA, and NLRB haven’t done enough damage, the FCC now has to trample on what rights are remaining,” he said on Thursday’s Special Report.

Krauthammer dismissed the agency’s claim that it wants to see whether the current media landscape is diversified enough as the reason for the study. “There are more [voices] in media in today than any in the history of mankind, including cave drawings,” he said.

Before it goes any further, Krauthammer called on the House of Representatives to immediately pass a bill denying any federal funding to the study.

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