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Krauthammer’s Take: Focusing on Climate Change Won’t Help Democrats

As President Obama shifts focus to climate change, Charles Krauthammer wonders how this new focus will help any Democrats in the impending midterm elections. “The idea that they are going to pivot to climate change as a way to save these Senate seats is quite insane,” Krauthammer said. “The people who care about climate change . . . are not found in the states which the Democrats have to hold on to in the Senate.”

Those who care about climate change are predominantly in Democratic strongholds on the coast who don’t have the same worries as citizens in 2014 toss-up states like Kentucky or West Virginia. “That is why I simply can’t understand why it’s become a thrust of theirs,” Krauthammer said.

“Perhaps because they can’t run on the economy, on jobs and employment, and they can’t run on Obamacare,” he added. “So they really don’t have anything else.”

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