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Krauthammer’s Take: Gruber Video Is ‘Absolute Proof’ that Provision Was Not a Drafting Error

Charles Krauthammer thinks that a two-year-old video of one of Obama’s chief architects is proof that the denial of subsidies through federal exchanges was not a drafting error. 

The 2012 video showed MIT professor Jonathan Gruber saying that that if states don’t set up their own exchanges, their citizens can’t get the subsidies. 

The video “totally undermines the government’s case in these court cases,” Krauthammer said on Friday’s Special Report. “This is absolute proof” that this was not a typo in the law, he explained. “It was a deliberate political strategy by the Democrats in drafting the law.”

It is not the role “of any court to overturn an obvious provision in a law,” Krauthammer continued, “simply because the strategy of those who drafted it didn’t succeed.”

“This is truly devastating,” he said. 


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