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Krauthammer’s Take: Hillary ‘Hiding in the Bunker’ as Clinton Foundation Story Creates Problems

The curious case of the Clinton Foundation’s cash continues to unravel, and it’s not good for Hillary, says Charles Krauthammer.

“Where is she?” Krauthammer asked on Tuesday’s Special Report. “First, they put out their stooges to go out and defend them; then their daughter, then the husband. She’s sort of hiding in the bunker.” But those proxies are not working out. The Clinton campaign had to “throw [Bill] under the bus,” Krauthammer noted, following a less-than-encouraging interview with NBC over the weekend. “ ‘Well, it’s just him,’ [says the campaign.] Well, it may be just him, but the name of the Foundation is Hillary and Bill and Chelsea.”

“The one thing that impresses me,” Krauthammer continued: “You mentioned how no Democrats are coming out. The numbers in the Wall Street Journal poll are very telling. Democrats are hanging onto Hillary. Those numbers are stable. [Democrats] are all in. They are all in either because they believe in her, or they know that they’ve got no choice — this is it. This is the machine. They are going to go all the way, and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of them if they end up winning.”

“The drops in the polls, the higher negatives, the untrustworthiness, is all from independents, obviously Republicans,” Krauthammer concluded, “but the swing voters that she would need in order to win. This is not good for her.”

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