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Krauthammer’s Take: If Back End of Isn’t Fixed, ‘All Hell’s Going to Break Loose’

Accenture, the new company in charge of finishing the federal health-care exchange’s website, has said that if the back end of isn’t fixed by mid March, the entire health-care law will be jeopardized.

The back end of the website “is the essence of the system,” Charles Krauthammer said on Special Report tonight. “The, the signup, communicates with the insurers, and right now what that document was saying in alarming tones is because the back-end wasn’t constructed, there’s no way to communicate either accurate or any information about who the person is and if that person is insured.”

Because that information can’t be communicated, there is no way to determine what subsidy should be paid for any one individual. Wrongly guessing the subsidy could potentially leave insurers in the lurch or stick the government with a hefty bill, Krauthammer said.

“The deadline is mid March,” Krauthammer added. “If they don’t have this in place in mid March then all hell’s going to break loose on this.”

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