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Krauthammer’s Take: If ISIS Downed Airliner, Russia Will Unleash ‘Furious Response’

Both Egypt and Russia are “deathly afraid” ISIS will be found culpable for downing Metrojet Flight 9268, but for very different reasons, Charles Krauthammer said tonight on Fox News’s Special Report

“The Egyptians for two reasons,” Krauthammer explained. “Number one, they depend hugely on tourism to get their foreign exchange, Sharm El-Sheikh is one of their number one tourist destinations; the only way to get there is by airplane. You shut down the airports, it dies.”

“The second is, that the Egyptian regime is in a death struggle with radical Islam, in the country, also in Sinai,” he continued. ”Sinai is crawling with jihadists; they’ve attacked government forces and they’ve actually attacked an Egyptian naval vessel with a missile.”

“And now if they’re able to bring down airplanes, it shows the prestige of the regime in sort of winning the battle against the jihadists has really diminished,” he said.

“As for the Russians, the Russians have had a decades long struggle with the radical Islam in the Caucasus and Chechnya,” he said. “But they have a reputation of being utterly ruthless – you don’t want to mess with Boris.”

“If this turns out to be an attack on a Russian airline, they’re going to have — either their deterrent is going to be diminished, or they’re going to have to have a furious response,” Krauthammer argued. “Which would incidentally help us, because it would be against ISIS.”

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