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Krauthammer’s Take: Immigration Executive Action a ‘Loser from Beginning to End for Obama’

If Republicans are smart enough not to repeat 1998, President Obama’s proposed executive action legalizing potentially millions of illegal immigrants would a “a loser from beginning to end for Obama,” says Charles Krauthammer.

The “calculation” that this executive action could be “impeachment bait,” “a way to make the Republicans do the one thing that could save [the Democrats] in this election,” seems to have failed, Krauthammer says — both Speaker John Boehner and house majority leader Kevin McCarthy have said that impeachment is “off the table.”

Moreover, “to go big right now is certainly going to hurt Democrats in the states where it counts, which [are] Alaska, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Louisiana, where the Democrats are hanging on by a thread,” Krauthammer says.

“I do think that if the president were to legalize 5 million illegal immigrants by fiat, that is a violation of the Constitution that I think would reach the level of impeachable,” Krauthammer noted. “Nonetheless, it would be insane for Republicans to go ahead and do that.”

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