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Krauthammer’s Take: IRS Scandal ‘Not a Necessary Product of Big Government’

“Are we getting closer to big brother?” Chris Wallace asked on Special Report. “I think it depends on who’s in office,” Charles Krauthammer responded, before going onto a consideration of the Obama administration’s recent scandals.

“The IRS [scandal] is not a necessary product of big government. It was a deliberate attempt to harass and hurt the conservative organizations,” said Krauthammer. “I don’t attribute [IRS targeting] to government in general. I think it has to do with an administration that reviles its enemies, marginalizes them, and tries to ostracize them, and considers them beyond the pale.”

What has happened, argued Krauthammer, is that, “if you are going to give the government all that leeway to collect all that information, and I think in a world of terrorism you have to#…#you have to have a modicum of trust in the people who are doing it.” But most Americans have lost that trust.



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