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Krauthammer’s Take: On IRS Scandal, ‘The Only Question Is Where the Idea Came From’

Responding to Washington congressman Jim McDermott’s claims, during Tuesday’s continued House hearings on the IRS scandal, that the hearings were Republican “political theater,” Charles Krauthammer called McDermott’s accusations “embarrassing, but I think some Democrats are beyond embarrassment on this. There is no defense [for the IRS’s actions]. Even Democrats admit there is no defense.”

“McDermott is so far in the tank, he’s such a lapdog of the Left,” said Krauthammer, “that he hasn’t even received the message from the Democrats that you’re supposed to acknowledge it was wrong and to apologize.”

Taking the focus off of McDermott’s illogic, Krauthammer observed: “The only question is where the idea came from: who knew, who gave the order, who condoned it, and then who learned about it later and did nothing.”




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