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Krauthammer’s Take: ISIS Can’t ‘Rouse’ Obama’s Anger Like Republicans

President Obama finds it easier to battle his Republican critics than he does ISIS, Charles Krauthammer charged tonight on Fox News’s Special Report.

Commenting on the president’s press conference today at the G-20 — wherein he defended his ISIS strategy as effective while lashing out at critics who suggest otherwise — Krauthammer said the president continues saying things that are “literally unbelievable.” He noted that even California’s Democratic senior senator, Dianne Feinstein, says the president’s strategy is failing. 

“What struck me above all was not the misstatement of facts and the delusions of what’s going on,” Krauthmmaer said. “It’s the president’s tone. There was this lassitude, passivity, annoyance. He was irritable.”

“He does manage to rouse passion, and he did at the end of the press conference when he was asked about allowing in the refugees,” Krauthammer continued. “That’s where he showed passion. You could see the anger.”

“And who is he angry against?” Krauthammer asked rhetorically. “Republicans who suggest ’slamming the door on refugees’ when their reasons are quite good.”

Krauthammer finished in noting that the French sound much tougher by comparison: “He said, of course, in his usual condescension, what the critics want is for me to be bellicose. No one is asking for bellicosity; all they’re asking for some kind of urgency. The French have said this is an act of war, and he calls it a setback.”

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