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Krauthammer’s Take: On ISIS, ‘Enunciate a Policy’

The president hasn’t “talked about ends, objectives, what we’re trying to do” with regard to the threat of the Islamic State, Charles Krauthammer argued on Tuesday’s Special Report. “The president talks only about tactics: no troops on the ground, air strikes here,” he said.

“Enunciate a policy,” Krauthammer advised, even it’s just “containment” — “then you fit the means” to that end.

“The idea of turning the U.S. Air Force into an airlift,” he said, remarking on the U.S.’s current operations in the country, “spending all of our resources on that to do essentially humanitarian work and social work, is a misuse of the one power in the world that can help to repel ISIS.”

The administration’s response to the jihadist threat in Iraq has been, Krauthammer said, “dithering, slow, defensive, and ad hoc.”

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