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Krauthammer’s Take: ISIS Trying to Draw Jordan into a War It Can’t Win

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer cautioned Jordan against overreacting after the Islamic State burned one of its military pilots alive, warning they could be playing right into the Islamists’ hands. 

On Fox News’s Special Report Tuesday, columnist George Will expressed doubt that the savage execution would either demoralize the terrorists’ enemies or win over recruits.

But Krauthammer disagreed, saying he believes the Islamic State is trying to ”destabilize its neighbors” by deliberately drawing the Arab nation into a costly land war in Syria.

“Jordan being drawn into a direct war with ISIS is not a good thing for us,” he said. “Jordan will not defeat ISIS on its own. It wouldn’t even defeat ISIS if it had some coalition partners. It’s the United States — or Turkey, perhaps — the only partners [that could defeat ISIS.]“

“This is a way to stir the cauldron in a country that is stable, was stable, but is easily destabilized,” Krauthammer warned. “And that’s what ISIS is after.”

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