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Krauthammer’s Take: Jeb Starting to Sound ‘Petulant and Pathetic’

Over the weekend Jeb Bush said if the primary is going to focus on “how we’re going to fight to get nothing done,” he “doesn’t want any part of it” because he has a lot of other “cool things” he could be doing instead. Tonight on Fox News’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer called Jeb’s complaint “petulant and pathetic.”

“This is not very presidential,” Krauthammer said, drawing a contrast with how Dr. Ben Carson recently eschewed replying to a Trump barb. “You can see why Carson is running about three times ahead of where Bush is. Carson is completely self-contained, and he’s very calm.”

Krauthammer continued: “The idea that he’s less than energetic is rather amusing for a guy who stands — has stood for 20 hours operating with complete and total concentration. I’ve watched surgeons at work, and that is the most grueling activity imaginable.”

“If you look at the breakdown in a place like Iowa, with men they’re running about even, Carson and Trump, but among the women, there is a huge gap,” Krauthammer said. “People have a sense that if you want to go for an outsider, you might want to try the calm one.”

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