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Krauthammer’s Take: Canada Didn’t Move Left, They Rejected Single-Party Governance

Tonight Charles Krauthammer downplayed the significance of Canada replacing its conservative government with one headed by the Liberal Party’s Justin Trudeau.

“It was a cyclical election,” Krauthammer said on Tuesday’s Special Report. “People are making it as if it was epochal election. Harper had been in power three elections in a row — that never happens in Canada.”

“The winning liberals got 39.5 percent of the vote; less than 40 percent,” he continued.”The losing conservatives, who got ’shellacked,’ got 32 percent of the vote. That’s not a huge spread.”

Krauthammer also emphasized that Trudeau is not a left-wing progressive:

Trudeau is not a Bernie Sanders. He is a centrist. He supports Keystone but he is not going to go to the wall on it; he supports the burning of the oil sands, which the left in his party is against. He has indicated he is going to support the Trans Pacific Partnership, the trade deal with Asia that the left and the right — some of the right — are up in arms about here. He is a centrist. Liberals have control of the government in Canada, almost continually, I think for the vast majority of time.” 

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