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Krauthammer’s Take: The Left’s Discourse Toward Mozilla CEO Is ‘Totalitarian’

Charles Krauthammer recently responded to Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich stepping down from his position Thursday amid public outcry over his support of California’s Proposition 8 in 2008, which created a constitutional amendment preserving the traditional definition of marriage. 

“This is the culture of the left not being satisfied with making an argument or even prevailing in an argument, but in destroying personally and marginalizing, people who oppose them,” Krauthammer said.

Krauthammer said the Left is acting about gay marriage the same way they act about climate change, calling the “issue closed,” and implying that anyone who is skeptical of their position is “anti-science.”

“They’re now declaring the national debate we’ve had for a decade or two on gay marriage closed, and that anybody who opposes gay marriage is a bigot.”

Krauthammer sides with Andrew Sullivan, the intellectual father of gay marriage, in calling the Left’s behavior toward Eich ”disgusting” and that this kind of discourse is ”totalitarian.” 

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