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Krauthammer’s Take: Media Should ‘Relocate to Chicago, Save Themselves Travel Expenses’

Krauthammer’s take on the media’s objectivity, and lack thereof, this election cycle: 

“The role of the media in the campaign, they’re an auxiliary of the Obama campaign, they ought to relocate to Chicago to save travel time. If you look at specific issues and how they’re covered, for example, in Charlotte, the removal of Jerusalem from the statement by the party versus the huge amount of coverage that Republicans were given over the abortion language. Or, for example, look at the way the media covered the ‘bump in the road’ comment which if Romney had made would have been a story for a week, versus how they covered the Romney statement when the Cairo Embassy issued a groveling statement about free speech and the video on the day of the first riot outside the U.S. embassy. 

“The coverage Obama got on his gaffe, which I think was a major one, was minimal, almost ignored. The Romney story lasted for three days, at a time when the U.S. policy in the region was in collapse, which is almost entirely ignored. I think what we saw in the poll and how people conceive this is exactly right. They watch and they see and it’s quite obvious which way the bias is going. In 2008, you could excuse it as saying they were in the euphoria of the Obama campaign, the idea of the historic advent of the first African-American to the presidency. What is the excuse in 2012?”



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