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Krauthammer’s Take: Morell Allowing Congress to ‘Reach A False Conclusion’

Senators Ayotte, McCain, and Graham released a statement about ex-CIA boss Morell’s testimony on Capital Hill Wednesday: “This looks an awful lot like misleading Congress.”

Charles Krauthammer agrees: “When [Director of National Intelligence James] Clapper [who was behind the administration’s talking points] was asked who changed the al Qaeda reference, Clapper said he didn’t know. Morell was sitting right there — he not only knows, he’s the guy who made the majority of the cuts, and he says nothing.”

By Morell not telling Congress what he knew, Krauthammer said he allowed them to “reach a false conclusion” and that it “changes the nature of oversight,” turning it into a “prosecutorial adventure.”

“If the witnesses are going to play by the book and not enlighten the committees to what they know — unless nailed on the perfect question — you’re going to get this kind of withholding evidence, and misleading testimony,” said Krauthammer.

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